Thank you for expanding my knowledge of wine and food matching in an evening that was packed full of fun, energy and laughter.    You enhanced my appreciation for wine in a way that I had not experienced before.   You showed me that wine and food when matched well can make my dining experience so much more entertaining. Your passion and knowledge energised the night.  I loved the evening thanks again.

Susan Farron, President of the PGA New Zealand



"Thai Cuisine emphasises strong aromatic flavours with a spicy edge, and the fruity top notes and tropical aromatics of PB Valley Wines perfectly compliment the complexity of Thai dishes," says Manoonpong.

Bo Manoonpong, Owner of Grasshopper Restaurant, Stamford Plaza



Thank you for the wonderful experience! The food, wine and commentary was incredible with a perfect balance of three. The food I could not fault and the selections of wine were perfectly catered to the dishes. You were energetic and knowledgeable host and the entire evening had a great atmosphere to it. Thank you and I would definitely attend again!

Lorezo Lombardi, Stategy and operations consultants at Deloitte New Zealand